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Massage Therapies Offered

I offer several types of massage therapy including sports, deep tissue, and relaxation. Usually, a blend of techniques is used to address each client’s specific needs.  Every massage given is tailor- made for every client on a given treatment day.

Sports Massage:
massage sportVigorous and direct techniques are used to enhance performance and treat or prevent injuries.  People from the sports enthusiasts to the life athlete find this type of massage work useful during their training or maintenance phase of training.  Injuries may be prevented or minimized, old adhesions and scars softened, and performance optimized.  Techniques may include neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial therapy.  The goal of sports massage is to improve muscle and fascia pliability and enhance flexibility.

Deep Tissue:
massage1 I like to think of deep tissue massage as “direct” tissue therapy.  The focus of the work is done with an anatomical understanding.  Specific areas of dysfunction are addressed to improve the body’s functioning.  Posture correction is key to mechanical ease creating whole body comfort.  Techniques may include neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial therapy.  The ultimate goal is greater function with less pain and discomfort.

massage2Often a state of relaxation is achieved using any of the types of massage discussed on this page.  As stress in the body is treated and released the entire body responds with a sense of well-being.  Relaxation massage usually consists of broad, firm strokes over the full body.  Long, engaging, and gliding strokes at a slow to moderate pace induce the relaxation state.  Kneading and holding also enhance the release of tension.  Elements of a relaxation massage are usually included in every massage given.